Collaboration with Opal-RT

Date : September 10, 2018
Imperix and OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES have recently signed a strategic alliance that sets ground for co-investments in complementary products and solutions. This collaboration allows to accelerate product development and join product lines in order to respond to the increasing need for power electronic experimental testbed solutions. Marketing will also be facilitated, notably for microgrid applications, for which both companies are currently facing an increasing demand.

The first joint product is the OP1300, a test bench dedicated to the combined hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and experimental validation of power converter control techniques. This test bench enables engineers to go beyond simulation and obtain world-class experimental results in the blink of an eye.

“More generally, the agreement will foster a closer relationship between the Swiss and the Canadian companies, enabling Imperix to benefit from OPAL-RT long-renowned experience in real time simulation and power systems in general, while bringing its own expertise in low voltage power electronics” says Jean Belanger, CEO at OPAL-RT Technologies.