About us

Imperix develops high-end control equipment and prototyping hardware for power electronics, drives, smart grids, and related topics. Its products are designed to enable cutting-edge innovation in corporate and academic environments. They are especially valued for their ability to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high-quality experimental results.

The company also offers various levels of integration services, intended to assist its customers in their prototyping activities. As such, its offering ranges from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software, to that of fully customized systems involving specialized control software algorithms.

Imperix ltd. is established in Sion, Switzerland. Its name is derived from the Latin verb imperare, which stands for controlling – or ruling – and refers to the company’s core business: the control of power electronic systems. It is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL).


Simon Delalay

Managing director

Dr. Simon Delalay is a power electronics engineer, with a broad background ranging from energy storage and its management in demanding applications, to converter design for ultrafast chargers, without forgetting about embedded control systems.

At imperix,  his role is that of a CEO, CFO and COO in a large company. As such, he is not only in charge of the company’s overall development strategy, but also eventually responsible for the quality of every product and service the company is delivering to its customers.

simon.delalay ‘at’
+41 (0)27 552 06 61

Nicolas Cherix

Chief engineer

Dr. Nicolas Cherix has a particular background in the control design of modern power converter such as Modular Multilevel Converters. His field of expertise also extends to other areas of power electronics as well as micro-electronics.

At imperix, he is responsible for the company’s continuing products and technology development, as well as their promotion. As such, his role is that of a CTO and VP Marketing in a larger corporation. Nicolas is also leading sales.

nicolas.cherix ‘at’
+41 (0)27 552 06 62