Rack mounting solutions

Mechanical integration options for power modules

Imperix power modules are designed to be easily arranged within racks. This offers a simple way to build easily reconfigurable power converter systems.

Two approaches are available: open racks for handy and affordable integration, and closed racks for sleeker and safer configurations.

Power module enclosures

Mechanical integration options

Imperix power modules can be assembled inside 19” rack-mountable structures. In essence, two different integration options are available, with differences in terms of:

  • Ease of use when reconfiguring the converter topology
  • Type of power connectivity.
  • Type of air cooling.
  • Mechanical protection level.

The following table shows the existing mechanical variants:

  • Type A: Open rack for up to eight PEB or PEN modules.
  • Type B: Open rack for up to eight PEH modules.
  • Type C: Closed rack for up to six PEB modules.
  • Type D: Closed rack for up to six PEN modules.
Other versions possible on special request for customization.

A modular approach of power electronics

Rack-mountable chassis (3U)

The use of open frames is certainly the easiest way to arrange imperix power modules on a table or within a cabinet. They offer an affordable, yet handy integration that can be easily adaptable and upgradable to meet the needs of your various projects.

Our 3U rack-mountable chassis includes a power supply and modules remain easily accessible, hence facilitating measurements and rewiring.




Reinforced chassis (3U)
Sets of guiding rails (16x)160 mm220 mm
Module retainers
Power supply12V/5V5V
Internal wiring
Power connectorsreartop
  • – 3U reinforced chassis
  • – 8x slots for power modules
  • – Module retainers
  • – Internal wiring
  • – Auxiliary power supply

3U open rack – Type A


PEB8038 – 800V/38A

PEB8024 – 800V/24A

PEB4050 – 400V/50A

PEN8018 – 800V/18A

3U open rack – Type B


PEH2015 – 200V/15A

PEH4010 – 400V/10A

Reconfigurable power converters

Power converter enclosures (4U)

Closed racks offer a sleeker and safer integration of power modules, where all hazardous voltages are out of reach. Nevertheless, they still give access to all signals and all power terminals for easy topology alteration. What’s more, an LCD screen displays useful information, such as module temperatures or fan speeds.

These enclosures are ideal for building fully-reconfigurable inverters, or any other power converter topology. Indeed, as all modules remain independent, 4U enclosures can be used to build up any structure, thanks to simple rewiring.

Application examples

  • Back-to-back power inverters / rectifiers
  • Energy storage systems (chargers)
  • Multilevel converters
  • etc.
  • – 4U reinforced chassis
  • – LCD display
  • – 6x power modules
  • – Internal wiring for rear safety connectors
  • – Cooling fans
  • – Auxiliary power supply

4U closed rack – Type C

Rear connectors – Type C

The rear panel gives access to all the power terminals: DC+, DC- and AC, with 4 mm safety connectors.

only available with power modules
6x PEB8038 – 800V/38A

6x PEB8024 – 800V/24A

6x PEB4050 – 400V/50A

4U closed rack – Type D

Rear connectors- Type D

The rear panel gives access to all the power terminals: DC+, DC-, AC and N, with 4 mm safety connectors.

only available with power modules
6x PEN8018 – 800V/18A

Customizable solutions

Ask us to customize your power converter according to your needs

Various customizations are possible, notably in order to facilitate the integration of imperix reconfigurable power converters into an existing research laboratory. A typical use case is to implement bus bars for two groups of modules instead of having entirely independent modules. This reduces parasitics and isn’t limiting the reconfigurability for most inverter configurations.

If you have specific needs and would be interested in a more personalized integration of our power modules, don’t hesitate to ask for a customized enclosure.

Please us the contact form to specify your needs and a development engineer will get back to you shortly. Customization can include, for instance:

  • A different layout of the rear panel
  • Other power connectors
  • Embedded passive components
  • Different enclosure

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