Facilitating tools for experimental research

Imperix offers a wide range of accessories for its control and power products

Because modular power electronic systems require large flexibility when building laboratory-scale systems, imperix offers various accessories that are directly plug-&-play with the B-Box controller family and power modules.

Our accessories support building rapidly and easily downscaled converter prototypes or implementing hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems.


Rack-mountable enclosures
Inductors and filters



Plug-&-play sensors
Electrotechnical equipment

Ac grid panel 230V

AC grid panel 120V

Optical I/Os

 Optical expansion board

Electrical I/Os

Breakout terminals


Rj45, SFP, …

19” cabinets
19”, …

Self-powered laboratory sensors

Plug-&-Play sensors

Self-powered from the digital controller

Our voltage and current sensors are designed to be very easy to use along with our digital controllers, the B-Box RCP and the B-Box Micro . Thanks to the use of RJ45 cables, one single cable is enough to provide power supplies to the sensors, as well as to retrieve their measurements.

Besides, as RJ45 cables provide well-shielded twisted signal pairs, the carried analog signals are guaranteed to suffer minimal interference.

Easily mountable on 35mm DIN rails

Imperix laboratory sensors are designed to be handy. Before all other aspects, they aim to be very quick to implement in all sorts of laboratory-scale power systems.

Sensors provide screw-less connection terminals and can be instantly inserted on standard 35mm DIN rails. This way, with only a few units, engineers can easily reuse the same sensors across different projects.

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Imperix DIN-mountable voltage sensors are usable for both DC and AC measurements.

  • Range ±800V (AC/DC)
  • Sensitivity 2.46mV/V
  • Bandwith 100kHz
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Imperix DIN-mountable current sensors are usable for both DC and AC measurements.

  • Range ±50A (AC/DC)
  • Sensitivity 99mV/A
  • Bandwith 200kHz

Example of 800V voltage sensors at the rear side of a 19” cabinet.

Electro-mechanical equipment

Grid connection panels

Switchgear and protection

When experimentation with grid-connected systems is desired, a few electromechanical devices are essential in order to support:

  • System pre-charge and DC bus loading
  • Grid synchronization before connection
  • Electrical safety

Imperix offers standards grid connection panels, suitable for 110VAC or 230VAC operation, which can be easily customized upon customer requirements. By standard, a panel contains:

  • 1x 16A (type C) circuit breaker (3-phase)
  • 2x Controllable relays (3-phase)
  • 3x Precharge resistors (47ohm), with 1x bypass relay
  • 2x Auxiliary solid-state relays
  • 1x VHDCI adapter and cable
Cabinet-level wiring and arrangement

Because all research projects are different, converter hardware implementations are never exactly the same.

Imperix offers standard system configurations, which can be ordered without customization, or modified upon specific project requirements. In both cases, we can deliver the systems pre-wired, so that they be powered up right away after delivery.

As such, in many cases, we will recommend the use of various additional accessories, such as mounting rails, passive filters, connection terminals, special sensors, etc, which will be arranged as a function of the converter topology and its application.

Standard off-the-shelf accessories


Users are always free to procure cables and other accessories through their usual suppliers. Nevertheless, when preferable, imperix may also provide all the necessary cables to operate our equipment. Upon request, other cable lengths or colors may also be available.

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Used as isolated gate-drive interfaces, fiberoptic cables can be used to connect the B-Box controllers to power modules.

The standard length is 2m.

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These cables are ideal to connect the analog outputs of the B-Box to any external monitoring device such as an oscilloscope.

The standard length is 1m.

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RJ45 cables are used to connect the current and voltage sensors – inside the power modules or external ones – to the B-Box.

The standard length is 2m.

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SFP cables are used to connect together multiple B-Box RCP or B-Board PRO units in master-slave configurations.

The standard length is 1m.

extend the i/o capabilities of the b-box rcp controller

Optical expansion board

The optical expansion board enables access to 16 additional PWM signals and 16 FLT inputs of the B-Box RCP through optical fibers. It transforms the signals of the electrical input and output connectors on the rear side of the controller.

Combined with the optical expansion board, one B-Box RCP has a total of 32 optical PWM outputs and 16 optical FLT inputs which means it can control up to NPC control legs8 full-bridge modules, or 16 half-bridge modules.

The expansion board is rack-mountable and can therefore be mounted in 19” cabinets.

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Basic accessories

Breakout adapter boards

Although most basic experimental setups can be implemented using exclusively optical fibers and RJ45 cables (for gate signals and analog inputs respectively), some additional I/O signals may be needed.

On the B-Box RCP, the VHDCI breakout board can be used to easily access:

  • General-purpose I/Os (GPI/GPO).
  • Incremental decoder inputs (DEC).
  • High-speed user I/Os (directly from/to the FPGA, USR).
  • Additional PWM outputs (PWM).
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VHDCI breakout board

The module provides easy access to the high-speed digital I/Os of the B-Box. It is compatible with all 4 sockets (A,B,C and D) of the  B-Box RCP and comes with a 1m cable.

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When probing the different signals of the RJ45 cable is needed, this simple adapter can turn out handy.