Ready-to-use power electronic test benchReady-to-use power electronic test bench

Customizable systems for power electronics research

Development and rapid prototyping controller for power electronics and power converters

The ultimate prototyping controller for power electronic applications

New silicon carbide half-bridge power modules

Half-bridge modules for configurable power converters

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Comprehensive software environments for simulation and code generation

Embeddable controller platform for power electronics
B-Board PRO

The ultimate controller for advanced product-embedded applications

development kit for B-Board PRO

A ready-to-use solution to discover the power of the B-Board PRO


Power electronics

imperix is a provider of rapid control prototyping solutions
Imperix develops high-end control hardware and prototyping equipment for power electronics, drives, smart grids, and related topics.

Our products are designed to accelerate the implementation of laboratory-scale power converters and facilitate the derivation of high-quality experimental results.

We also offer various levels of integration services, ranging from the delivery of plug-and-play hardware and software to that of fully customized systems.

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Power converter CONTROLLERS

RCP rapid control prototyping controller power converter controller

The B-Box RCP is a fully-programmable DSP+FPGA controller dedicated to power electronic converters. Specially engineered for rapid control prototyping applications (RCP), it distinguishes from other real-time control targets by its hardware and software configurability. Simultaneously, the B-Box RCP also guarantees a very easy use and programming.

The B-Board PRO is the heart of the RCP controller. It is also available as a standalone product for embedded applications. The board features a Xilinx Zynq-based dual-core ARM processor and a Kintex-grade FPGA, plus advanced communication capabilities and extensive I/Os.

embeddable converter controller industrial inverter controller
configurable power converter modular power electronics flexible inverter topology

Power converter modules

Imperix power modules are ready-to-use building blocks that allow building up almost any power converter topology. They exist in various power ratings and internal structures. Each module features:

  • Power semiconductors and gate drivers
  • Voltage and current sensors, with local protections
  • Cooling

Modules can be integrated within rack-mountable chassis and enclosures. Additional passive filtering elements are also available.

Control software development

converter control software simulink real-time PLECS coder
Easy controller programming

Imperix provides control software development tools dedicated to power electronics. Two Software Development Kits (SDK) are proposed, dedicated to either graphical or C/C++ programming.

Engineers are thus free to chose between the automated generation of code – from Simulink or PLECS – or the superior flexibility and performance of hard coding:

  • CPP SDK – support for C/C++ development
  • ACG SDK – support for Simulink and PLECS
C/C++ code development

The C/C++ programming SDK provides everything engineers need to program the B-Box RCP or B-Board PRO controllers in a straightforward manner. For advanced users and complex projects, C/C++ is a must, thanks to its superior flexibility and performance over the ACG SDK.

Graphical control design

The Automated Code Generation (ACG) SDK allows generating code and programming real-time controllers directly from Simulink or PLECS, which is achieved in only one click! This also enables realistic simulation of the complete application before the actual programming.

Fields of application

Imperix provides tailored solutions for all sorts of rapid control prototyping activities in power electronics. Our products enable engineers to work faster by saving time on their own development efforts.

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Thanks to their modular nature, imperix products are ideally suited for teaching applications. They indeed possess all the features to be safely put in the hands of students.

Imperix products offer a very flexible way to conduct laboratories or students projects at the graduate or undergraduate level.

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Imperix offers scalable solutions for research in power electronics, renowned for their ability to accelerate prototyping activities, thanks to ready-to-use hardware.

Thanks to our rapid control prototyping tools, development engineers can go early to the lab and challenge their converter control techniques in a real-world environment!


Imperix offers a complete family of control hardware, supporting the whole life cycle of power conversion systems, from R&D to commercial products.

Our solutions alleviate the various challenges occurring along the product development cycle, contributing to significantly reduce the time to market and mitigate design risks.