Thanks to their modular nature, imperix power modules are ideally suited for the teaching of power electronics. They indeed possess all the features – ranging from ease-of-use to robustness – to be safely put in the hands of students.

Besides, our digital controllers are easily programmable either with conventional C/C++ code, or using Simulink/PLECS.

Imperix products offer a very flexible way to conduct laboratories or students projects at the graduate or undergraduate level.

Active learning instead of teaching

Enable students to discover things by themselves and confront their theoretical knowledge to the real world operation early. Iterations with modeling or simulation studies are also possible.

Real-world challenges

Force students to face system-level issues such as start-up or shutdown procedures, protection or cooling. Power electronics always require to process some energy and not only data!

Unified equipment

Use (or reuse) the same equipment for both teaching and research. Imperix products cover a broad range of ratings and applications and are usable from the most common software enviromnents.


Perfect for teaching environments

Experience the ease of seamlessly transitioning from classroom teaching to hands-on lab session with a student-friendly ecosystem.
Build and validate fully functional setups within one lab session.
  • Thanks to our plug-&-play power and control hardware, students can quickly set up complete systems.
  • Students can focus on the converter control without the hassle of having to design their own circuits.
  • Standardized hardware and accurate models enable working in a well-controlled environment, limiting the complexity.


Accelerate teaching material preparation

Thanks to our bespoke hardware and software, teaching in a laboratory environment has become remarkably streamlined! The imperix ecosystem can act as a guide and support teaching all the way from understanding the theory to running experiments in the lab.
Start from the knowledge base
Imperix knowledge base offers a growing collection of free, pre-tested and updated resources with guided examples to save time on teaching material preparation.
Run an offline simulation
Enable students to prepare their control on Simulink or PLECS using the imperix blockset and accurately simulate its effectiveness before the lab session.
Build up an experimental setup
A physical testbench can be assembled in minutes thanks to the plug-and-play interfaces on our power modules and control hardware. Empower students to learn from mistakes in a worry-free environment.
Generate code and export the results

Thanks to Automated Code Generation (ACG) SDK, one click is sufficient to jump from simulation to experimental testing. Then, using Cockpit, students can access, monitor, tune and export any variable in real time.


Imperix power modules allow students to create simple (or more advanced!) converters very easily. Thanks to our ready-to-use power and control hardware, practical issues are no longer a concern. Demonstrating and experimenting on control algorithms can be the only focus.
From basic topologies…
To real applications!


A multi-layered protection scheme

As the protection of the users and the equipment is of utmost importance in teaching applications, multiple types of protections can be implemented.

Imperix controllers embed three different layers of protection that are always present and force the user to acknowldege any issue before continuing operation.

1st layer: Software

Abnormal conditions can easily be detected in software. However, the reliability of software protections is limited to that of the strategy developed by the user.

2nd layer: Controller hardware

Imperix controllers feature programmable protections. This offers flexible thresholds that can be set in order to protect various pieces of equipment.

3rd layer: Power stage

All power modules possess on-board over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature thresholds, offering a last-resort protection, although not easily configurable.


The starter kit allows getting started with all the features of the imperix ecosystem. In addition to the table-top controller and its software, the starter kit contains several power converter modules and sensors, which allow building various topologies and reconfiguring the power converters at wish.

The kits are based on rack-mountable open chassis, facilitating the (re)arrangement of power modules.

Kit content
for 10 work stations

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 Kit content
 for 10 work stations

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