H-bridge module


IGBT-based power module

Downscaled H-bridge module made for multilevel converters

  • – Sensors output (analog)
  • – Gate drivers inputs (optical)
  • – Internal fault flag (optical)
  • – Power supply (5V)
  • – Heatsink (2 x 10W)
  • – 4 x Power switches (IGBT)
  • – DC and AC power terminals

Laboratory module for academic research

PEH H-bridge modules are ideal for laboratory applications and the implementation of downscaled converters. Their power ratings are indeed sufficient for most applications, while their ease of use greatly accelerates the experimental validation of converter control techniques.

Each module possesses a complete IGBT H-bridge (two IGBT phase-legs) with 600V semiconductors. It also embeds the corresponding gate drive as well as measurement and protection circuits.

Similarly to other imperix power modules, H-bridge modules offer plug-and-play compatibility with imperix controllers, namely the B-Box RCP and B-Box Micro.

400V/10A H-bridge module
DC voltage400V
Output current10A
SemiconductorsSilicon IGBTs
Typical power100-300 W
Product positioning of the PEH4010 versus other imperix power modules.
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Alternative parts

Integration options

Power module description

Embedded functions and features

H-bridge modules are truly ready-to-use power electronic building blocks. They embed the following features:

  • IGBT full-bridge / H-bridge (two independent phase-legs)
  • DC bus capacitors (400V)
  • Current and voltage sensors
  • Integrated gate drivers
  • Onboard logic and protections (voltage, current, temperature)
  • Passive heat sink (2x 10W TDP)
Electrical schematic of the PEH4010 H-bridge module

Designed for research applications

Onboard protection mechanisms

As with all imperix power modules, PEH4010 H-bridge modules embed protection mechanisms such as over-current/voltage detection, which block both IGBT phase-legs in case of hazardous behavior and thus ensure that its capabilities are never exceeded.

Combined with the additional adjustable protections of our programmable controller, imperix power modules are the ultimate solution for safe and efficient power electronic prototyping in both teaching and research applications.

System-level integration

A modular approach for building multilevel converter prototypes

19'' rack-mountable frame with three PEH4010 H-bridge power modules.

PEH H-bridge power modules can be easily assembled within racks to form various power converter topologies. While their reduced DC voltage ratings do not allow for use as grid-connected inverters, they are well suited for use within multilevel power converters, such as Modular Multilevel Converters and similar topologies.

Typical parameters for H-bridge operation

  • Switching frequency: 1-20kHz
  • Power rating (single-phase configuration): max. 400W
Scientific research example

Modular Multilevel Converters

PEH4010 power modules can be used either as full-bridge or half-bridge cells for Modular Multilevel Converter prototypes. Indeed, they can be easily inter-connected to form cascaded multilevel converters.

Typically, two MMC submodules per arm are sufficient to provide a total DC bus voltage of up to 800V, which is sufficient for grid-connected experimentation at 230/400VAC.


Low-voltage MMC parameters

  • Switching frequency: 1-20kHz
  • Power rating (single-phase configuration): max. 4-6kW
  • Number of levels: up to 17 (L-to-L)
Three-phase MMC inverter
Schematic of a three-phase Modular Multilevel Converter with 24 PEH4010 submodules.
  • 3x controller units
  • 24x MMC converter cells
3x B-Box RCP
(centralized controller)
Rack-mounting frames for PEH submodules.

3x 19” open frames
(one chassis per phase)

Several H-bridge submodules.

24x PEH4010 power modules (MMC submodules)

1x 19” cabinet

Teaching example

Reconfigurable power converters

Low-voltage power modules can also be used to demonstrate the operation of all sorts of power converters, ranging from simple H-bridge configuration to all sorts of multi-phase or interleaved systems, up to medium-frequency converters or even multilevel applications.

Full-bridge inverter topology with one PEH4010 power module.

Configurable AC sourceSingle-phase, H-bridge inverter, using:

  • 1x digital controller (B-Box RCP or Micro)
  • 1x H-bridge module
Isolated resonant LLC converter with two PEH modules.

LLC converter demonstratorIsolated resonant DC/DC converter, using:

  • 1x digital controller (B-Box RCP or Micro)
  • 2x PEH (or 1x PEH + diode rectifier)
Cascaded H-bridges converter with several PEH modules.

Multilevel STATCOM showcase 3-phase cascaded H-bridges converter, using:

  • 2x B-Box RCP
  • 6x H-bridge cells

A power module with multiple facets

Key benefits for laboratory research

Our low-voltage H-bridge modules offer lower power ratings than their half-bridge counterparts. They nevertheless offer the same technical capabilities, protections and onboard features. As such, they are ideal when a large number of identical modules is required.


PEH modules contain everything needed to start working right away (sensors, logic, cooling,…). Besides, they are truly plug-and-play with both the B-Box RCP and B-Box Micro.


The two IGBT half-bridges can be used either as one H-bridge or as two independent phase-legs. This offers maximum flexibility for reusing the same modules across different projects.


With their reduced ratings, the PEH power modules are well suited for multilevel converters. Their volume pricing also allows their use in scalable systems with numerous modules.


Thanks to onboard protections, inexperienced engineers can work safely, without damaging the modules. When using a B-Box controller, protection thresholds can even be programmable.

Other power modules


  • 200V / 15A
  • 2x phase leg (full-bridge)

The PEH2015 modules use Silicon IGBTs. They are identical to PEH2015 modules, except for their lower DC bus voltage rating. 

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  • 800V / 38A
  • 1x phase leg (half-bridge)

The PEB8038 modules use SiC MOSFETs. They are the most powerful modules, although they cannot switch as fast as the PEB8024. 

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  • 800V / 18A
  • 1x NPC phase-leg (I-type)

The PEN8018 modules are designed for building three-level  Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) converters (e.g. 3-phase inverters).

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