The passives rack is perfect for back-to-back configurations, but can also be very easily reused for other applications, thanks to its independent accesses to the inductors.

Passive filters

Ready-to-use filters for various applications

Imperix’s passives rack provides easy-to-use and configurable filters for two sets of three-phase connections. It contains:

  •  – Three-phase LC-type filter (2x)
  • – Three-phase EMC filter (2x)
  •  – Power supply
  •  – 3 fan cooling
  •  – 4mm laboratory banana plugs
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The passives rack is ideal for grid-tied appliances. Indeed, it embeds inductors, as well as differential-mode and common-mode filters for an easy (and possibly direct!) connection to the 110V or 230V AC grid.


The passives rack is easily configurable. Indeed, with the help of only a few laboratory cables, electrical connections are straightforward to arrange for various applications. Notably, inductors and filters can easily be re-used in DC or single-phase applications.

Application EXAMPLE

Grid-tied central inverter for photovoltaic applications
In this example, the left-hand side of the passives rack is used for the three-phase side of the converter, and uses both inductors and the filter section. On the DC side, only the inductor is used, although the common-mode filter may be used as well, depending on the ground scenario.