Power electronic solutions

Plug-&-play power converters for the lab

Imperix provides flexible and configurable solutions for building power converter prototypes. Our products are designed to be easy-to-use, entirely plug-&-play and safe within any laboratory environment.

Our power electronic systems are built in a modular fashion, facilitating their reconfiguration for various use cases and projects.


Thanks to our modular approach, students and teachers can assemble and test basic converter topologies within just a few minutes.
Key benefits
  • Ready and easy to use
  • Plug and play assembly
  • Robust design
  • Multiple protections


With our plug-&-play products, researchers can accelerate their work by saving efforts on the tedious prototype implementation.
Key benefits
  • State-of-the-art performance
  • High reusability
  • Reliable operation
  • Ready and easy to use


Industrial users benefit from bridging solutions, able to accelerate product design, from Simulink to mid-volume production.
Key benefits
  • Integral solution (lab to field)
  • High performance
  • Balanced pricing
  • Ready and easy to use


Build conventional power converter topologies by assembling building blocks.

Being modular by nature, imperix prototyping solutions allow building almost any power converter topology by simply assembling building blocks, similarly to LEGOs. Power modules and external sensors are directly plug-&-play with the programmable digital controller. Besides, the control software can be easily developed graphically, using Simulink or PLECS.

This approach enables students and teachers to build configurable – and reconfigurable – power converters, for laboratory use, classroom demonstrations, student projects, or whatever experimental activity.

All conventional converter topologies, ranging from buck/boost converters, to single- and three-phase inverters, or motor drives can be easily built using imperix solutions. Besides, systems can be quickly built, tested, then disassembled and reused for other purposes.


Validate power converter control techniques with ready-to-use power electronic test benches.

Researchers in power electronics often have to provide experimental validation results in order to publish in the most renowned scientific journals. This may be a burden that is best alleviated by ready-to-use experimental equipment.

Imperix modular solutions can be quickly configured to the applicable converter topology, and support rapid control validation. This is particularly true for pre-configured test-benches, which contain all the necessary elements for the most common power converter structures.

Here again, configurability and flexibility are key, so that engineers can explore their research topics unrestrained. Imperix modular solutions are only here to make them save time on the basics.


Bridge the gap between computer simulation and experimental product validation.

When rapid control prototyping is applied within industrial research groups, difficulties may arise at the time of switching to the final hardware controller. Indeed, while all aspects of the control may have been carefully tested using prototyping hardware, no guarantees exist that the final equipment will exactly reflect the same behavior.

With imperix solutions, the exact same devices and software can be used from research to the latest stages of product development. This ensures a true continuity, bridging the gap from simulation to prototyping first, and from prototype to product second.

Furthermore, when relying on imperix hardware for the embedded power converter control, manufacturers benefit from highly specialized and continuously-updated equipment, with the guarantee of identical operation on the long run.