Speed up your developments from the lab to the field !

Imperix offers specialized solutions for power electronics, enabling engineers to accelerate their work during the prototyping of power converters.

Combining control and power hardware with dedicated software, our products cover most laboratory activities, while being entirely plug-&-play and easy to use.

  • Software-independent protections
  • Flexible interfaces
  • High-end DSP and FPGA
  • Easy programming
  • High configurability
  • Stackable design
  • 300W - 6kW per module
  • Up to 100kHz with SiC
  • Various topologies
  • Integrated sensors
  • Local protections
  • Plug-&-play with B-Box RCP
  • C++ or graphical programming
  • Dedicated blocksets
  • Code libraries / examples
  • Monitoring software
  • Extensive datalogging
  • Free maintenance

Rapid Control Prototyping

Plug & play solutions for power electronics

By combining imperix’s programmable controllers and power modules with dedicated software development solutions, users can easily build all sorts of power inverters, rectifiers, and DC/DC converters.

What’s more, our modular control technology provides research engineers with very high flexibility for building all sorts of power electronic applications.

imperix products
  • 1x B-Box RCP
  • 3x PEB8038
  • 4x voltage sensors
  • 1x light 19’’ rack
  • RJ45 and fiber cables
  • Blockset for
    Simulink or PLECS
Integration levels

Our products can be delivered as bare and independent products, turnkey systems, or anything in-between.

Power ratings

Imperix products are well suited for the implementation of power converter prototypes ranging from 100W to 100kW.

Kits and bundles

Imperix offers several product configurations that have been carefully selected for typical teaching or research use.


Imperix products are plug-and-play when used together, but can also be used with any other controller or power stage.


Imperix provides several accessories that also contribute to facilitating the implementation of laboratory-scale converters.

Software examples

Imperix is currently building a complete knowledge base of control code and software examples, available free of use.

Fully-programmable digital controllers

Converter control systems

Imperix controllers distinguish from other digital control systems by being exclusively tailored for power electronics. This results in specific hardware characteristics as well as extensive pre-implemented software capabilities. Besides, our controllers are also very easy to use, thanks to their dedicated operating system plus intuitive computer software.

B-Box RCP rapid prototyping controller for power electronics (front view).

Rapid control prototyping (RCP) system

The B-Box RCP is a fully programmable DSP+FPGA controller dedicated to power electronic converters. Specially engineered for rapid control prototyping (RCP), it features hardware protections as well as high hardware and software flexibility.

Table-top power electronics controller

The B-Box Micro shrinks down the benefits of imperix controllers into a small, attractive package. It provides the same plug-and-play benefits as its larger brother, while making it easy to scale up to a teaching laboratory.

B-Board PRO industrial inverter control module.
B-Board PRO industrial inverter control module.

Embeddable inverter controller

The B-Board PRO is the heart of the RCP controller. That said, it is also available as a standalone product for embedded applications. The board features a dual-core ARM processor and a Kintex-grade FPGA, plus advanced communication capabilities and extensive I/Os.

Configurable power electronic converters based on power modules.

A modular approach of power electronics

Power converter modules

Imperix power modules are ready-to-use building blocks, which allow building up almost any power converter topology. They exist in various power ratings and internal structures. Each module notably features:

  • Power semiconductors and gate drivers
  • Voltage and current sensors, with local protections
  • Cooling

Modules can be integrated within rack-mountable chassis and enclosures. Additional passive filtering elements are also available.

Control software development

converter control software simulink real-time PLECS coder
Easy controller programming

Imperix provides control software development tools dedicated to power electronics. Two Software Development Kits (SDK) are proposed, dedicated to either graphical or C/C++ programming.

Engineers are thus free to choose between the automated generation of code – from Simulink or PLECS – or the superior flexibility and performance of hard coding:

  • CPP SDK – support for C/C++ development
  • ACG SDK – support for Simulink and PLECS
C/C++ code development

The C/C++ programming SDK provides everything engineers need to program the controllers in a straightforward manner. For advanced users and complex projects, C/C++ is a must, thanks to its superior flexibility and performance over the ACG SDK.

Graphical control design

The Automated Code Generation (ACG) SDK allows generating code and programming real-time controllers directly from Simulink or PLECS, which is achieved in only one click! This also enables realistic simulation of the complete application before the actual programming.

Scalable solutions

Configuration examples

Discover our kits and bundles to see typical power electronic systems and configurations.

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software

Scalable solutions

Configuration examples

Discover our kits and bundles to see some typical configurations.

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software