B-Box RCP power electronic controller for rapid control prototyping.
Development controller – rapid prototyping applications
B-Board PRO embdedded controller for power electronic converters..
B-Board PRO
Embeddable controller, industrial applications

Power electronic controllers

Specialized control solutions

Fully-programmable DSP+FPGA digital controllers for power converters

Imperix offers a complete family of power electronic controllers, supporting the whole life cycle of power conversion systems, from rapid prototyping to commercial products.

Thanks to the high flexibility of their software and hardware, our power electronic controllers facilitate the prototyping and experimental validation of control techniques for all sorts of power converters.

Digital controllers for power electronics


A complete family of power electronic controllers

Our programmable controllers help engineers design, test, and validate digital control techniques for power converters. They enable them to save time during both development and product prototyping phases, thanks to their high level of specialization.

Typical applications include electric motor drives, grid-tied inverters (e.g. solar inverters), energy storage systems (e.g. battery), or multilevel converters. Our control hardware includes two control systems for two distinct use cases:

  • B-Box RCP is a rapid control prototyping system, dedicated to laboratory applications.
  • B-Board PRO is a fully-programmable controller that can be directly embedded inside power converters.
1 – System programming

The digital controllers can be easily programmed using C/C++ code or using our automated code generation toolboxes for Simulink and PLECS.

All it takes to flash a user code on a target hardware is only one click. Code generation, compilation, and upload are fully automated. Besides, no particular skills are needed.

2 – Run-time execution

The controllers can be used alongside a computer or as standalone devices. In both cases, direct access to the code execution is guaranteed by the Cockpit software.

Both control targets can be used to build fully-programmable power converters. Both the DSP and FPGA can be edited and have their parameters tuned during run-time.

3 – Live monitoring

The programmable controllers support real-time access so that engineers can monitor and tune any variable, facilitating the debugging and/or maintenance of the control software.

The monitoring utility also provides datalogging capabilities similar to an oscilloscope. This allows logging every data point or observing control variable over longer time intervals.

Front and rear views of the rapid power electronic controller.


DSP+FPGA controller for rapid control prototyping applications

The B-Box RCP is a highly flexible power converter control system, tailored for rapid control prototyping applications in power electronics. Thanks to its high performance and flexibility, it facilitates the experimental validation of power converters control techniques in laboratory environments.


  • Rapid prototyping controller
  • Inverter control hardware
  • Electric motor drive controller
  • Power converter controller
  • Programmable inverter controller
  • DSP+FPGA control system
The B-Box RCP is entirely and exclusively tailored to be a rapid prototyping controller. It notably distinghuishes by the very high flexibility of its analog front-end and specialized I/O interfaces.

Also, the controller has been designed to guarantee a very strict management of timings, from analog inputs to PWM outputs, including in stacked configurations.

The programmable target embeds a high-performance Xilinx Zynq device, including a dual-core ARM processor and Kintex-grade FPGA.

Together with an ultra-light and specialized operating system, this guarantees state-of-the-art performance for all closed-loop control applications. Running a converter control algorithm in the hundreds of kHz range becomes no longer a challenge!


Multiple converter control units can be stacked together to build up larger controllers. Up to 64 boxes can be combined, extending up to thousands of I/Os!

This brings high flexibility in time and across multiple projects. It is always possible to combine (or separate) units depending on the varying needs of their applications.

The DSP and FPGA are supported by a strong hardware abstraction layer, which guarantees the stability of the system – as a control solution – over time and across the evolution of its own hardware.

This way, it is guaranteed that a code that works today will still work in the future, even though the hardware will most certainly  change in-between.

Angled view of the B-Board power electronic controller.

B-Board PRO

Converter controller module for product-embedded applications

The B-Board PRO is the heart of the B-Box RCP controller but it is also available as a standalone controller for embedded applications. The board feature a ZynQ-based dual-core ARM processor and a Kintex-grade FPGA (Xilinx Zynq), plus advanced communication capabilities and extensive I/Os.


  • Embedded control board
  • Programmable digital controller
  • Converter control hardware
  • DSP+FPGA control module
  • Power inverter control module
The digital control module can be programmed using either C/C++ or directly from simulation software, such as Simulink or PLECS. Thanks to a fully automated code generation toolchain, just one single click is all it needs to fully program the device!

With Simulink, the provided blocksets also embed simulation models so that the system behavior can be accurately simulated and tuned before run-time. Then, everything truly works from the first test!


Absolutely no expertise in FPGA-based development is needed to work with our embeddable controller, as it operates readily with a highly flexible and highly configurable FPGA firmware.

Nevertheless, for the most advanced users who require to alter the FPGA code, the module allows doing so. In this case, dedicated areas are provided, with straightforward integration within the existing DSP software.

The programmable control module uses a dual-core processor. One core is dedicated to the execution of the closed-loop control tasks (bare metal, dedicated kernel), the other one to the system supervision and monitoring (linux). Most low-level tasks are also shifted inside the FPGA.

This results in the full dedication of a fast floating-point processor core to real-time control tasks, with best-in-class performance, ranging up to 200kHz control frequencies in closed-loop operation.

In addition to being 100% compatible with the prototyping system (B-Box), this industrial-grade module benefits from the same software environment and tools. It can be programmed from Simulink and controlled from BB Control too!

Overall, most of the specific integration efforts are only those related to the mechanical aspects as well as the signal conditioning and protection, which are often tailored to the application anyway.

Complementary power electronic controllers



What if you could simply take the result of your research and put it into an affordable controller, directly embedded inside your own power electronic systems?

Development phase

  • Flexible control hardware
  • Rapid prototyping

Production phase

  • Cost-optimized hardware
  • Product integration
Full bitfile compatibility!
B-Board PRO
Embeddable controller
Prototyping controller
The exact compatibility between B-Box RCP and B-Board PRO power electronic controllers allows benefiting from the increased flexibility of the prototyping controller during development, while using a product-embeddable variant during series production.

Development phase

  • Flexible control hardware
  • Rapid prototyping

Production phase

  • Cost-optimized hardware
  • Product integration
B-Box RCP Prototyping controller
The exact compatibility between B-Box RCP and B-Board PRO power electronic controllers allows to benefit from the increased flexibility of the prototyping controller during developments, while using a lower-cost product-embeddable variant during series production.
Full bitfile compatibility!
B-Board PRO Embeddable controller
Embeddable power converter controller module.

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Imperix software suites for the power electronic controllers.
Software solutions

The Automated Code Generation (ACG) SDK enables engineers to program the power electronic controllers directly from Simulink or PLECS. The provided toolchain handles fully automated code generation, compilation, and upload in just one click.

In addition, the SDK contains simulation models of each controller peripheral, so that the exact behavior of the control system can be simulated – and hence easily anticipated – before code is generated.

Power modules

Imperix power modules are ready-to-use building blocks allowing to build up almost any converter topology. They exist in various power ratings and internal structures. Each module features:

  • Power semiconductors
  • Gate drivers
  • Voltage and current sensors (with local protection)