Imperix offers flexible and scalable solutions for research in power electronics, allowing engineers to accelerate their prototyping activities, thanks to reconfigurable power electronic systems.

Our power electronic solutions are ranging from bare power modules, to turn-key power converter test benches, which can be available either as standard configurations or as fully customized systems.

Imperix solutions allow us to go straight to the lab and challenge our new converter control algorithms in a real-world environment!

Configurable systems

Customizable power electronic test benches

(Re)configurable power converters

What if building power converter prototypes could be as simple as conducting simulations? That’s the purpose of our fully-configurable solutions! Imperix products enable building diverse laboratory-scale converters quickly and easily.

Thanks to our plug-&-play configurable solutions, any inverter – or other power converter topology – can be implemented using a combination of power and control hardware.

This way, research engineers can focus exclusively on what matters most: the experimental validation of their design and/or control implementation, which is the essence of their research.


Test bench front view
Test bench rear view

Example of a 3-phase to 3-phase Solid-State Transformer (SST) based on a 4-port Dual-Active Bridge (DAB).

Unrivaled modularity and flexibilty

The modular nature of imperix power modules and programmable controllers makes them capable of building the most complex power converter topologies very easily.

Simple programming and monitoring

Developing control for our power converters can be done directly from within Simulink or PLECS. Besides, dedicated software is available for on-line parameters tuning and debugging.

Cutting-edge performance

On both the control hardware and power stage components sides, our products guarantee state-of-the-art performance, running closed-loop control applications up to 300-400 kHz.

Modular Multilevel Converter test-bench

Reach world-class results in no time!

The MMC bundle is an example of a ready-to-use, yet configurable converter prototype. It can be arranged for as a three-phase DC/AC inverter, as well as any other MMC topology.

Ready-to-use laboratory systems

When power electronics research is rather focused on the converter control techniques, rather than their topology and operation, ready-to-use configurations allow additional time savings when building experimental setups.

For instance, three-phase inverters and back-to-back inverters configurations can be easily arranged with the 6x PEB8038 modules contained within a standard power rack. This is ideal for research on grid-tied inverters and their applications, as well as research on microgrids.

Grid-tied inverters for microgrids

Fully-programmable power inverters

With imperix modular control and power hardware, engineers can design and tune the complete converter control, down to the generation of PWM signals!

This grants absolute freedom to (re)think power inverter control techniques, without spending time on low-level implementation efforts. Everything is directly programmable from PLECS or Simulink.

Finally, the – optional – capability to edit the FPGA logic guarantees that no special or advanced application is out of reach for our fully-programmable inverter solutions.

Explore power electronics beyond simulation!

Because simulation is always technically limited to what is modeled (and thus somewhat expected!), going beyond simulation is often key to face real-world challenges and truly validate innovative concepts.

Validate your models in the laboratory!

Having both the simulation and the low-voltage prototype side-by-side allows to continuously compare results, hence enabling to develop precise and fully validated system models.

Showcase experimental results!

Since many things are only truly demonstrated once they are proven experimentally, being able to produce real-world results quickly and easily certainly helps producing impactful scientific results.

Simulation versus experimental results

With automated code generation, switching from simulation to real-time execution of the control software algorithms can be done instantly, allowing engineers to work comparatively and iteratively.

Power electronic test-bench

Ready-to-use reconfigurable converter(s)

The microgrid test-bench is a multi-purpose power converter test bench. It is able to support both HIL simulation and laboratory experimentation with an easy-to-use reconfigurable hardware.

Research highlights 

Reduce time to publication!

Relying on imperix hardware and software accelerates prototyping activities and allows minimizing risks related to implementation efforts.

With less time spent troubleshooting in the lab and more time dedicated to actual research, users reach superior academic performance.

Scalable solutions

Imperix solutions for research can be implemented in different ways depending on the exact research focus and interest. They can be available as bare products, customizable configurations, or even turn-key systems. 


Three-phase inverter

  • 1x B-Box RCP
  • 3x PEB8038
  • 1x open rack chassis
  • 4x voltage sensors


Modular Multilevel Converter

  • 3x B-Box RCP
  • 24x PEH2015
  • 6x power inductors
  • 1x 19” equipment


Three-phase inverter

  • 1x B-Box RCP
  • 6x PEB8038
  • 1x module enclosure
  • 4x OP4510 simulator (Opal-RT)