Building blocks for modular power converters

Imperix power modules are building blocks that support the rapid implementation of power converter prototypes. They are ideally suited for the quick assembly of modular power converter systems.

Our power modules are designed for use inside research laboratories, in order to facilitate the rapid prototyping and validation of power converter control techniques.

Power electronic building blocks

Power converter modules for laboratory use

Power modules are ready-to-use power converter stacks for development purposes in power electronics. They embed power semiconductors as well as the associated gate drive, protection, and measurement circuits. They offer plug-&-play compatibility with our rapid control prototyping system, the B-Box RCP, but can also be used with third-party controllers.

Our power modules are designed for both teaching and research applications. They are available using either IGBT or MOSFET semiconductors.

Half-bridge module / Phase-leg module

PEB8032 / PEB4046

Silicon IGBT
  • 800 V / 32 A – PEB8032
  • 400 V / 46 A – PEB4046
Half-bridge module / Phase-leg module


Silicon Carbide MOSFET
  • 800 V / 24 A – PEB8024
Full-bridge module / H-bridge module

PEH2015 / PEH4010

Silicon IGBT
  • 400 V / 10 A – PEH4010
  • 200 V / 15 A – PEH2015
3-level NPC module / I-type NPC module


Silicon IGBT
  • 800 V / 18 A – PEN8018

Rapid Control Prototyping Example

Plug-&-play three-phase inverter

By combining imperix’s programmable controllers and power converter modules with dedicated control software development solutions, users can easily build all sorts of power inverters, rectifiers, and DC/DC converters.

 imperix products
  • 1x B-Box RCP
  • 3x PEB4046
  • 4x voltage sensors
  • 1x light 19’’ rack
  • RJ45 and fiber cables
  • Blockset for
    Simulink or PLECS
Flexible integration levels

Our products can be delivered as bare and independent products, turnkey systems, or anything in-between.

Laboratory power ratings

Imperix products are well suited for the implementation of power converter prototypes ranging from 100W to 100kW.

Pre-configured systems

Imperix offers several product configurations that have been carefully selected for typical teaching or research use.

Plug-&-play connectivity

Imperix products are plug-and-play when used together, but can also be used with any other controller or power stage.

Useful accessories

Imperix provides several accessories that also contribute to facilitating the implementation of laboratory-scale converters.

Development examples

Imperix is currently building a complete knowledge base of control code and software examples, available free of use.

Multiple integration options

Imperix power electronic building blocks are best assembled within rack-mountable frames or enclosures. This guarantees the highest flexibility, thanks to the modular nature of the power converter modules.

Flexible rack-mountable chassis (3U)

For those who appreciate the corresponding ease, imperix can provide pre-assembled chassis with power supplies and various other features. This way, development modules remain easily accessible and can be easily put in (or taken out) of the chassis, hence facilitating topology alterations.

Fully-integrated enclosure (4U)

Imperix power modules can also be placed within enclosures that guarantees that no dangerous voltage can ever be reached, except using 4mm laboratory safety plugs. In 4U enclosures, imperix implements the same sideboard controller as for the 3U chassis, which here also comes with an LCD display.

Scalable power electronic solutions 

Our laboratory solutions can be delivered with varying degrees of integration. Indeed, they are available either as bare control and power hardware products, as pre-assembled systems, or even as fully ready-to-use power electronic test benches. 

Configuration examples

Discover our kits and bundles to see typical configurations with our power modules.

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software

Hardware + Software