Imperix Cockpit use for controlling a power converter remotely.

Imperix Cockpit

Real-time monitoring software

Imperix Cockpit is a powerful monitoring software designed to facilitate the experimental testing of power electronics systems by leveraging the hardware capabilities of imperix programmable controllers.

The software provides a set of non-intrusive tools that support the easy monitoring and tuning of any control variable in real-time.

Cockpit is a Windows-based software included in both Software Development Kits (SDK).

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Pilot your power converter

Imperix Cockpit allows research engineers to oversee the execution of their power converters and have a complete view of what is happening inside. The software provides multiple tools for both observing and acting on the run-time code. It is ideally suited for system debugging and testing in the power laboratory.

  • Full access to control variables: Monitor and tune any variable without the need of rebuilding your code.
  • Powerful visualization tools: Display and follow the evolution of any quantity in real-time with  tools such as an oscilloscope-like multi-channel interface.
  • Fast export:  Easily export your experimental results for quick integration in your publication.
  • Ease of use: Benefit from an automated workflow to load and execute your code on your controller.
  • Centralized management: Configure multiple controllers at the same time, keep your SDK updated, manage your licenses,  and much more.
Connect your target
Easily connect to the controller hosting your control code using standard Ethernet 1Gbps communication.
Access your variables
Monitor and tune any variable, debug your control code, and assess in real-time the system performance.
Test your control
Validate your algorithm and challenge your control by applying transients or test scenarios.
Export your results
Save your experimental data as a CSV file or a Matlab figure for fast integration in your publication

One software with many tools

Cockpit provides a flexible interface that gives you centralized access to a wide range of monitoring and tuning tools, alongside convenient features to pilot and manage imperix programmable controllers in various setups.

Furthermore, the various tools can be conveniently rearranged within a dedicated space, allowing you to create your own interface that is tailored to the needs of your power application.

extensive monitoring capabilities

Cockpit provides a large variety of monitoring tools. Whether it is to keep an eye on a variable or check the transient response of your system, Cockpit provides the tool that is right for you. Once you’re satisfied with the result, simply export your data for easy integration in your publication.

To provide its extensive monitoring capabilities, Cockpit works in close collaboration with a dedicated core of your imperix hardware controller. This makes it possible to display each and every sample of your variables and hence takes full advantage of the high-speed ADCs of your imperix controller.

Illustration of the virtual scope module in Imperix Cockpit.

The scoping tool enables you to display your control signals on an oscilloscope-like interface.

It captures every sample of your control variables. Monitor up to 800 000 points for 32 variables simultaneously.

The scoping tool also offers convenient zooming capabilities that help you select the relevant part of your signal. Once you are satisfied with the displayed result, simply export the data to a CSV file or a Matlab figure.


The transient generator is a powerful built-in feature of the scoping tool that applies a predefined sequence of steps to any of your control variables.

Use it to validate your system. The transient generator enables your to challenge your control, test the dynamic behavior of your control algorithm, or apply specific test scenarios.  

Once your system has successfully passed the tests, simply export the results to a CSV file or a Matlab figure and insert them in your publication.

Example of use of the transient generator in Cockpit.
Imperix Cockpit's continuous data logging module.

The rolling plot tool displays a downsampled version of your control variables. It allows you to monitor selected variables for up to several days.

You can typically use it to monitor the long-term evolution of your power system and keep an eye on critical variables at all times.

It features a handy continuous autoscale option that ensures your monitored variables never go out of scope.


Remote controller management

Imperix Cockpit supports managing multiple converter controllers directly over the network. Thanks to Ethernet communication, users can manage, configure and monitor several targets simultaneously, and/or from multiple computers.

Close-up on the digital controller configuration view

Cockpit offers a convenient way to pilot your converter controllers, start your control algorithms, enable the PWM outputs, and monitor the CPU load of your system.

Create multiple projects to quickly hop from one power application to another without the need for any reconfiguration.

To go further, you can even simultaneously manage multiple distributed controllers from this single interface.

Close up on the programmable target configuration dialog.

Configuring your controllers can be done in a simple fashion, such as changing the hostname or IP address, updating the firmware, managing the SDK licenses, etc.

The tool also configures the standalone boot mode, so that the controller can run without any computer.

Finally, from this view, you can also load a custom bitstream to the user-programable FPGA area.

Close-up on the log messages interface dialog.

The logs view displays every message reported by your controllers. Whether it is misconfiguration details, software and hardware faults, or custom user messages.

Use these log messages to your advantage. By displaying feedback from your controller, this tool helps you debug your control code.

Cockpit relies on the OPC-UA communication standard. Therefore, you can even use Cockpit in combination with other software tools.

Related control hardware

Cockpit is part of both software development kits (SDK) and can be used with any imperix hardware controller, namely the B-Box RCP and B-Board PRO.

In addition, it can be made available on any custom-built control hardware that is running BBOS, our real-time operating system.


Want to know more?

For all questions related to our software, feel free to get in touch with our technical team. We're here to help! Online demos can also be organized upon request.

Alternatively, you can always download and install the software. As our licenses are hardware-related, our software is essentially unrestricted and all features can be tested free of charge.